As peers support workers, we specifically have lived experience, which means that we have accessed mental health services ourselves. Our core belief is that recovery is possible, and we encourage and support this with the understanding that people can grow from challenges and setbacks. Peer workers are powerful models and evidence of the reality of recovery. We also have a responsibility to challenge stigma and discrimination in our roles.

This incorporates building authentic, empathetic and mutual relationships, ‘peer to peer’, in a confidential space and to be a listening ear.  Peer support is a person centred strengths’ based approach focusing on an individual’s hopes, aspirations and goals.  Peer support involves helping others make changes achieved through ‘being with’ rather than ‘doing for’.

We have peer support workers in every centre, so all Jami members can access peer support.

If you providing help or support to a relative, partner or friend unpaid to someone with a mental health problem, whether you give practical help or emotional support , live with the person or provide support from a distance, then you are a carer.

The carers service provides, 1-1 support, group support, telephone support, signposting to relevant services, link to Jami services i.e. employment, education, social work and occupational therapy and peer support.  We offer training and Headroom courses. We identify carers in the community and link carers to welfare benefit advice, housing and social care agencies.

We offer benefits advice for clients already registered and working with us.


If you want to find out more about becoming a Jami Patron, please contact Rachel Barres, Trust & Major Donor Fundraising Manager, and she will be happy to discuss this with you: or 020 8458 2223.

Please contact Rachel Barres, Trust & Major Donor Fundraising Manager, and she will be happy to discuss the details with you: or 020 8458 2223.

Yes, we would be delighted for your support! Please contact Rachel Barres, Trust & Major Donor Fundraising Manager to discuss this in more detail: or 020 8458 2223.

There are many ways that you, your family, friends and community can get involved, and help raise vital funds for Jami.  These include:

  • Simcha Giving – you can ask people to give a donation instead of a present for your upcoming celebration
  • Joining or setting up a fundraising group
  • Taking on a challenge
  • Organising or attending a fundraising event

Alternatively, you could run for Jami in the Maccabi GB Community Fun Run ( or in the London Marathon.

One of the easiest ways to start fundraising is to set up an online fundraising page. You can then share the link with your friends and family. You can find Jami on a variety of crowdfunding sites.

For London Marathon specific enquiries please contact Muriel Stempel on the above number, or by emailing

If you would like to join or set up a fundraising group please call 020 8458 2223 or email

You do not have to be part of a fundraising group to hold a fundraising event for Jami.  The event can be any size and for any age – it is entirely up to you!  Once the event is over, and you have collected all the proceeds, you can send this to Jami by cheque or via our online donation page.

If you would like any help for your event from Jami please do not hesitate to ask!  We will be happy to support you in any way that we can – we would even love to attend if feasible.  We can provide you with Jami branded material, pledge cards and collection buckets if requested.

All funds raised will be greatly appreciated, and will help to ensure that we continue to reach and support members of the Jewish community.

If you would like to discuss your event ideas or to simply let us know that you’ll be hosting, please call 020 8458 2223 or by emailing

Nominating Jami for donations for your celebration could not be easier.  All you need to do is attach the following details to your invitation. 

There are many ways that you can donate to Jami, these are:

  • Over the phone by calling 020 8458 2223 and speaking with the Fundraising and Marketing Department
  • Online with our Donation form noting that the donation is in honour of a celebration
  • By cheque made payable to ‘Jami’ and sent to ‘Jami, Martin B Cohen Centre, Gould Way, Deansbrook Road, Edgware, HA8 9GL

Please be sure to notify us if you plan to nominate Jami, so that we are able to keep track of donors and the total amount raised. That way we can update you at any time upon request, and will provide you with the total amount raised at the end of your celebration period.

For more information or to nominate Jami, please call 020 8458 2223 or email

No. Jami do not disclose the amount donated to the celebrant. Following the celebration, Jami will notify the celebrant of the total amount raised, along with a list of names of those who have donated. 

Following your donation, Jami will log the amount given, along with any further information, on our secure database, under a specific donor record. You will then be written to, to acknowledge receipt of your donation.

A donation can be made in any of the following ways:

  • Over the phone by calling 020 8458 2223 and speaking with the Fundraising and Marketing Department
  • Online at through our donation page
  • By cheque or charity voucher made payable to ‘Jami’ and sent to ‘Jami, Martin B Cohen Centre, Gould Way, Deansbrook Road, Edgware, HA8 9GL

Jami accept all major credit and debit cards online and over the telephone. We also accept cash donations.

Download a donation form

For more information please visit our Ambassdor page or call 020 8458 2223 or email

Yes, absolutely. There are a variety of ways to get involved and support Jami on Mitzvah Day. Please call 020 8458 2223 or email to discuss further.

For more information please visit our MHAS page or call 020 8458 2223 or email

No, but you can donate by standing order. To organise this, please contact Richard Lally, Income Manager on 020 8458 2223 or email

Yes, they can be collected and signed for at our Edgware office. Please contact Richard Lally, Income Manager on 020 8458 2223 or email  for more information.


Email or fill in the application form on the website. Please see the list of current vacancies and information on the website.

We meet with potential volunteers. When we have received the application form we send off for references and, if necessary, apply for DBS checks if the role requires this. There is an induction meeting with new volunteers. If a volunteer is not suitable we will inform them as soon as possible.

Yes, travel expenses are paid if claimed.

Yes, if they work over lunchtime in a Jami locality where food is provided.

Volunteers are supported by their supervisors in the first instance and also by the Volunteer Coordinator. There are training courses including the Mental Health first Aid which are available free of charge to Jami volunteers.


You can self-refer or speak to us about someone you are concerned about. Call us on 020 8458 2223 and press 1, email us or use live chat.

For more information read our Make a referral page.

When you first contact us we will ask for your contact details and our duty worker will call you back within 5 working days. If you are not available when we call, the duty worker will call again. We will not leave a message on a land line but may leave a message if you provide us with a mobile phone number.

Together you and the duty worker will discuss your current situation and any support networks you have. You may be asked about the background to your current circumstances and the impact your mental health is having on you and the people around you. If you are a carer the duty worker may discuss with you how the role of carer impacts on you daily life.

The initial assessment usually takes place over the phone with a duty worker. At the end of the conversation the duty worker may:

  • Refer you to one of Jami’s services
  • Sign post you to anther service outside Jami
  • Provide you with additional information and guidance
  • Arrange to meet you to continue the initial assessment process

Jami accepts 3rd party referrals. We will check with you that you have the consent of the person you are calling about.

Jami is a GDPR compliant charity. For more information please read our privacy policy.

Jami is committed to promoting the safety and wellbeing of adults, young people, children, and their families in all that we do. For more information please read our Adult Safeguarding Policy and Safeguarding Children and Young Adult Policy.

Adults throughout our community now have access to free, safe, online mental health and wellbeing support via Qwell. The service offers emotional support and guidance 24/7, with counsellors available Monday – Friday 12pm – 10pm and Saturday – Sunday 6pm – 10pm, 365 days a year. For more information or to sign up, go to

If you identify housing as one of your needs we may be able to support you to apply to housing associations or private landlords. However, we do not have access to council or housing association stock and people will need to go through the usual processes in order to apply for accommodation. We do not have access to crisis accommodation. If someone presents as homeless we will refer to relevant agencies

Jami aims to provide the best possible service and we need you to tell us how we’re doing. It’s always good to hear we’re doing well so please let us know by emailing Jami’s Head of Services at We also need to know when we could do better so please follow the following procedure.

In the first instance please speak to the person in charge of the resource or service you are complaining about and we may be able to resolve the issue straight away. If you remain dissatisfied please put your complaint in writing to the person in charge. If the complaint involves the person in charge of the service or resource, it should be made in writing to the HR Coordinator.

If a complaint relates to the HR Coordinator it should be made in writing to the Head of Services.

If a complaint relates to the Head of Services you should write to the Chief Executive.

Your complaint will be acknowledged in writing (normally within 7 days of receipt). The relevant manager will either investigate the complaint or delegate investigation responsibility to the most appropriate person. The results of any formal investigation will be communicated back to you in writing usually within 21 days.

You have the right – if dissatisfied with the results of the investigation – to put your case in writing to Jami’s Board of Trustees. (The panel also has the right to have an advisor present). The decision of the panel will be final.

Where appropriate, Jami will make a written apology to you and agree any further action necessary to make good the cause of the complaint.

All formal complaints and the response made to them will be recorded and filed in a secure place.

The Board of Trustees shall be informed by the Chief Executive at the first available meeting of the number and nature of any formal complaints and their outcome, and consideration will be given to the implications these have for the planning and management of future services annually, as part of Jami’s self-evaluation.