Transforming student wellbeing

University can be a stressful time. The transition from adolescence through to becoming young independent adults living away from home can create a range of specific issues affecting students’ mental health. With the advancement of social media, student lectures and research tools are readily accessible online, which can lead to social isolation.

Jami worked in consultation with UJS and University Jewish Chaplaincy on a pilot project in academic year 2019/20 to learn more about student wellbeing on campus.

Out of this valuable programme Jami has partnered with Kooth Plc to deliver Qwell to the Jewish Community, providing immediate and easy access to mental health support via a clinically robust and accredited platform delivering a range of therapeutic support and interventions. You can access Qwell here.

Help and tips

Download our Z-card full of resources and tips to help you whilst at University.

To order Z-cards for your J-Soc, please contact our Campus team at [email protected]