Volunteering is a great way to make good use of your skills while supporting Jami’s vital work.

Volunteers play a significant role in Jami, providing essential support in our hubs and at Head Room café; through hospital visiting and befriending; providing financial or benefits advice; fundraising trust research; through hospitality for Jewish festivals and beyond.

The Jami Ambassador Programme has introduced us to incredible advocates who provide an essential link to their synagogue or youth group community, raising awareness of what we do and helping us in our goal of ‘transforming the landscape’ of mental health.

Compeer is Jami’s exciting 1:1 befriending programme, which pairs individuals with trained volunteers which can be in person, over the phone or via Zoom. Through regular contact and check-in calls, matches can build trust and get to know each other, whilst promoting independence and better wellbeing through planned activities in pairs. Activities can range from a coffee and a chat, accompanying to appointments or groups within the community and would depend on the need of the individual, and so a flexible approach is key!

Whatever your background and however you help, volunteering at Jami is rewarding and fun.

“I get a lot of confidence out of volunteering … as well as a lot of social interaction – even going out to the cinema with other volunteers.”

– Louis, a volunteer at our Social Enterprise Hub

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Current volunteering opportunities

Compeer Volunteering seeks to combine friendship with practical support through a 1:1 match to reduce loneliness and isolation and promote independence and recovery.

We are looking for a Compeer volunteers who can help their match build confidence, self-esteem, and motivation to make positive steps towards better mental wellbeing. Activities could include accompanying your match to an appointment, helping with shopping, gardening, or exercise, as well as social activities such as having a friendly chat over a cup of coffee or going to the cinema. To view the full volunteer role description click here.

To apply for the role, please email [email protected]

We are looking for a pastoral volunteer to lead our religious services during the Jewish festivals including Passover, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Chanukah, and possibly other holidays. Occasionally we do services earlier or just after the respective holiday dates due to religious commitments by staff, volunteers, and members. Jami has traditionally used our Finchley Centre for those who would like to celebrate but are not members of a synagogue or prefer to be amongst other Jami members at such a time. The services that are run are traditionally a mix of Hebrew and English so we can cater for everyone from the religious to the reform. Sometimes we do abbreviated versions due to the nature of people attending Jami and their respective concentration levels. The aim of the role would be to deliver an engaging, fun but traditional service, so every member feels they’ve been part of something unique and inclusive of the wider Jewish community who unite during such occasions.
In this role you will be the lead presenter for our respective religious holiday ceremonies. This will be in collaboration with staff and volunteer support.

To view the full volunteer role description click here.

To apply for the role, please email [email protected]

We are looking to recruit a volunteer who is able to teach British Sign Language (BSL) to one of our members over zoom on a weekly basis. You will build a positive relationship with the Jami member you will be supporting.

To view the full volunteer role description click here.

To apply for the role, please email [email protected]

We are looking for a Walking Group Volunteer to support the Walking Group Facilitator for a popular group at the Head Room Café.

For our community this is an opportunity to move the body, meet new people or just have a bit of ‘me time’.

To view the full volunteer role description click here.

To apply for the role, please email [email protected]

We are looking for a Young Jami Chair to manage and lead the committee and all aspects of Young Jami’s endeavours.

To view more details of the role, view here

To apply for the role, please send your CV to [email protected]
Closing date for applications is 9 December 2022.

To find out more about volunteering, please email [email protected], call 07877 830 202 or complete this general online form to let us know what areas of volunteering you are interested in.