Develop your skills in working with different age groups and enhance your knowledge of common mental health conditions through our wide range of CPD-accredited courses.

Since Covid-19 there has been an increase in concern around young people’s mental health in our community. If you are a parent, teacher or youth worker and want to learn more about a variety of mental health problems and increase your confidence in supporting young people, then this is the course for you.

This training is CPD accredited and internationally recognised. Each participant will receive a certificate, a workbook and a reference manual.

Join us on this one-day course to train as a Mental Health First Aid Champion. Increase your understanding of common mental health issues. Boost your knowledge and confidence to advocate for mental health awareness. Improve your ability to spot signs of mental ill health and develop skills to support positive wellbeing. You will receive a certificate of completion and an extensive reference manual. The course is ideal for anyone looking to learn practical skills to support others, experiencing mental illness and distress – for example, in your community or workplace.

What is psychosis? Why might we experience it? Is it owing to trauma, genetics, medical factors or various other life experiences? Join us to learn more about psychosis and rethink stigma and pathways for recovery through a social lens.

Many of us may be familiar with the term self-harm or self-injury. But as a condition it continues to be misunderstood by the community as well as health and social care professionals, often leading to stigma and distress. Join us to further understand self-harm and how we can provide support to those who need it

Most of us have our own experiences with anxiety, particularly when our stress levels rise. We often use anxiety and anxiety disorder interchangeably. So, what’s the difference between a normal level of anxiety, which we can all feel from time to time, and a diagnosable anxiety disorder? And how can we provide support to those who experience anxiety and panic attacks?

This workshop will explore why it is vital for employers to consider the mental health of their staff and how to create a culture of mutual respect in the workplace. Learn how to create a more skilled and compassionate workforce, able to listen effectively and respond appropriately and sensitively to those experiencing mental illness and distress. We will explore burnout and how to recognise it in ourselves and colleagues, as well as the importance of self-care. We will also discuss how managers and HR can manage disclosures around mental illness and distress, and pathways for support.

One-hour intro or three-hour CPD-accredited in-depth training available.

Join us to develop your group facilitation skills and explore how group dynamics work. We’ll be considering the role and skills needed to facilitate a group and how groups may progress and work together. You’ll also learn practical skills to manage challenging behaviours in groups.

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