Adult services

Short and long-term support

We provide short-term support that is goal-focused or intense, as well as longer-term ongoing support, both of which are tailored to the individual’s specific needs. These interventions, which are delivered one-to-one or in small groups by Jami occupational therapists, social workers and peer support workers, include:

• practical and emotional support to help manage symptoms, develop coping strategies, boost self-esteem and establish routine and structure
• activities and group support, including exercise, cultural, educational, therapeutic and social groups all within a safe, non-judgemental and supportive space
• support to live independently, including re-learning key skills such as washing, cleaning, cooking and budgeting, following an episode of poor mental health
• tenancy maintenance support and advice
• ongoing assessments to ensure the most appropriate support for the individual’s needs
• help to access other support in the community

These sessions may be carried out over the phone, online or in our community hubs in Finchley, Hackney and Redbridge.

Advice and advocacy

Our advocacy service supports and empowers people and their carers/family in the community, who were previously unheard, to have a voice. Individuals are enabled to make informed decisions about issues that matter to them and are informed of their rights. They are also empowered to exercise these rights and to develop self-advocacy skills to use and practise independently for their future.

If we feel there are other organisations that can better meet an individual’s needs, we will advise and signpost other services to help them get the support they require.


Jami has merged with Raphael – The Jewish Counselling Service (CIO) – to provide counselling and access to qualified counsellors to meet the needs of the community.

Jami’s Talking Therapies service provides a non-judgemental, safe space where anyone can talk about anything. Using different approaches, our counsellors will help to explore how the person can make changes to their behaviour or how they view situations or issues, while the therapist listens to how and what the individual would like their life to be like moving forwards.

Online counselling

Jami has partnered with Kooth Plc* to provide free, safe, online mental health and wellbeing support through an accredited platform called Qwell.

Using a smartphone, tablet or computer, individuals can gain immediate and anonymous access to the following support:

• Text-based counselling
Safe and confidential one-hour chat sessions with a fully qualified counsellor online via instant messaging

• Online peer support
Moderated online forums offering advice and support from other people with lived experience of mental health issues

• Self-help tools
Goal tracker – sets and tracks individual goals to support recovery or maintain wellbeing

• Confidential online journal
Articles and content co-produced by other adults and experts by experience

*Kooth Plc is the UK’s leading online mental health platform and Qwell is accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Adult services
Adult services
Adult services

Vocational support

Our Vocational service can help people aged 25 and over to access, prepare for and pursue meaningful activity, including volunteering, education, skills training and paid employment. We can assess an individual’s skills, advise on career change, support them in their job search and help them to maintain employment. We also work jointly with various other organisations, such as Work Avenue, Resource and Boost, to help people access more specific support around paid employment.

Education and training

We run online courses, seminars and events to increase mental health literacy. For example, to join like-minded people for some peer-to-peer education, check out our Education prospectus to see everything on offer. Anyone can join us for a one-off or weekly session, online or in person.

For more details about our training and education, click here


Our Compeer befriending service matches individuals with a volunteer to provide practical support and friendship if they are feeling lonely and isolated. Planning activities together can help build confidence and self-esteem, increase independence and support recovery. The volunteer befriender can accompany the individual to an appointment, join them for exercise or a trip to the cinema, help out with shopping and gardening, or simply enjoy a chat over coffee. And whichever way they choose to connect – be it in person, over the phone or on Zoom – is entirely up to the individual.

Group and peer support at Head Room

We provide learning opportunities, support, and connection with others through a weekly programme of community group sessions. These sessions are free and open to everyone, at Head Room in Golders Green and on Zoom.

From Monday to Friday, activities on offer range from a peer support group providing short-guided meditations and mutual support in a non-judgemental space to an art group where anyone can explore their creativity. Whether it’s an essay, job application or the ironing that needs doing, all are welcome to join our Kind CoWorking or weekly bite-sized wellbeing sessions, focusing on everything from stress management to laughter yoga. Alternatively, everyone is welcome to enjoy a chat over coffee or a leisurely stroll to the park – and can participate as much or as little as feels right.

For more details about our weekly in-person and virtual community programme, click here