Make a referral

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How to refer to Jami services and how we deal with your referral

If you would like to self-refer or speak to us about someone you are concerned about please:

  • call us on 020 8458 2223 and press 1 (Our duty worker will call back within 10 working days)
  • email us using the referral forms below

If you would like to make a referral on behalf of someone else you will be asked to confirm that person is aware you have called Jami and they are happy for Jami to call them back to discuss your concerns.

Due to the General Data Protection Regulation (2018) and to protect client confidentiality we are unable to discuss with you details of anyone who may use Jami services (see privacy notice).

When you first contact us by phone or use the referral forms below we will need to take your contact details. Our duty worker will call you back within 15 working days and confirm your consent to use your contact details. If you are not available when we call, the duty worker will call again. We will not leave a message on a land line but may leave a message if you provide us with a mobile phone number.

Together you and the duty worker will discuss your current situation and any support networks you have. You may be asked about the background to your current circumstances and the impact your mental health is having on you and the people around you. If you are a carer the duty worker may discuss with you how the role of carer impacts on your daily life.

At the end of the conversation the duty worker will discuss with you any further action which might include:

  • Referral to one of Jami’s services
  • Signposting to other services
  • Information and guidance

If you are referred to a Jami service, someone will contact you within 10 working days to discuss further.