Online support

Online mental health support

Online counselling and emotional wellbeing service

Adults throughout our community now have access to free, safe, online mental health and wellbeing support via Qwell. Join immediately and anonymously through any smartphone, tablet or computer, to gain access to the following support:

Text-based counselling

Safe and confidential one-hour chat sessions with a fully qualified counsellor online via instant messaging

Online peer support

Moderated online forums offering advice and support from other people with lived experience of mental health issues

Self-help tools
  • Goal tracker – set and track your own goals to support your recovery or maintain your wellbeing
  • Confidential online journal
  • Articles and content co-produced by other adults and experts by experience

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Jami has partnered with Kooth Plc* to deliver Qwell to the Jewish Community, providing immediate and easy access to mental health support via a clinically robust and accredited platform delivering a range of therapeutic support and interventions.

*Kooth Plc is the UK’s leading online mental health platform and Qwell is accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.