Ambassadors are advocates of Jami and provide a vital link to their synagogue or youth group.

Help us in our steps towards ‘transforming the landscape’ of mental health.

Jami work with a variety of communities across the UK and are looking for more ambassadors to help engage others and to raise awareness about mental health in their community.

If you are proactive, enthusiastic and looking for an exciting challenge, and have a good understanding of your synagogue and community, please contact to find out more about becoming a Jami ambassador.

Hear from our ambassador Cheryl, in conversation with Rabbi Schochet, about the importance of raising awareness of mental health in your community.

This is a voluntary role with no previous training necessary.


  • For Jami to have one key contact at your synagogue across London and surrounding areas
  • To act as an advocate of Jami for your synagogue / community
  • To facilitate engagement between Jami and your synagogue
  • To encourage community members to engage with mental health, fundraise and donate quality goods, and to take part in year-round Jami events

Jami Ambassadors will become an integral part of our community work and engagement. The ambassador scheme will include the following:

  • Mid-year brunch at Head Room Café
  • 2 half day training seminars at Jami –Ambassadors will train to deliver the introductory mental health awareness presentation, whilst gaining a deeper understanding of mental health and mental illness
  • Ambassadors will receive quarterly emails updating on Jami’s work and key messages
  • Invitations to exclusive Jami events, courses and workshops, with admission at a discounted price
  • Resource Pack – featuring a variety of resources and activities to aid community programming
  • Ensure latest Jami literature is available within your synagogue office / on synagogue noticeboards
  • To ensure Jami is considered as a beneficiary by relevant committees at High Holy day appeals and other community fundraisers
  • To promote attendance of shul members at Jami events
  • To offer Jami speakers and training opportunities as part of your synagogue’s programme of activities (liaising with Jami Head Room team)
  • To write / secure space for articles about Jami in synagogue newsletters and magazines
  • To focus the attention of the community on key dates (e.g. World Mental Health Day) and encourage Rabbis and leadership to include within sermons
  • To encourage your community to mark the Mental Health Awareness Shabbat
  • A good understanding of the committees and roles within your synagogue
  • An understanding of your community and member’s needs
  • A pro-active and enthusiastic approach
  • A comfortable and confident communicator
  • An understanding of the fundraising importance, and a commitment to raise funds for Jami

Ambassadors will gain and develop a thorough understanding of Jami’s activities and services, as well as becoming knowledgeable on topics surrounding mental health.

Possible Skills and Qualities to Develop:

  • Negotiation
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Promotion of activities
  • Presentation and delivery