An open letter

Addressing the Jewish community’s mental health challenge

Over 50 eminent Jewish psychiatrists and other doctors have come together to sign an open letter urging the community to support Jami. This follows data from the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, which highlights an alarmingly high number of people in the Jewish community living with mental illness and distress, especially our young people.

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As doctors, we have seen a significant increase in the scale and gravity of mental illness and distress in society, including in the Jewish community.

Recent data from the Institute of Jewish Policy Research tells us that 26% of the Jewish community are living with mental illness, distress and trauma, or had done so in the three months prior to the study. And these difficulties affect over 55% of under 25s.

None of us can afford to ignore these stark statistics.

Jami – The Jewish Association for Mental Illness – is there for when mental illness and distress makes everyday life a struggle.

These difficulties can affect every facet of life – from thoughts and emotions to family and social connections, to financial stability. They can eradicate hope of a brighter future.

As a Jewish organisation, Jami understands the cultural nuances of those it supports. And as a charity with people involved at every level who have lived experience of mental health difficulties, Jami provides its expert support with deep empathy and without judgement.

Jami is guiding people through their mental health recovery. Jami is there for families and carers supporting somebody with mental health difficulties.

And Jami is building our collective resilience by educating community leaders.

Over 1,650 people in our community already benefit from Jami, which is aiming to significantly grow its Children & Young Person’s service to meet an unprecedented need.

The time to act is now.

We implore all of those who are able to support Jami to do so as generously as possible. Investing in supporting mental health isn’t a luxury. If we are to consider ourselves a kind and just community, it’s a must.


Dr Walter Abelman
Dr Danny Allen
Dr Lindsay Banham
Dr Jeremy Beider
Dr Rachel Berg
Dr Elena Boyd
Dr Ellie Cannon
Dr Alan Cohen
Dr Sarah Cohen
Prof Michael Craig
Dr Michael Crawford
Dr Melinda Creme
Dr Richard Daniels
Dr Danielle Freiberger

Dr Robert Freudenthal
Dr Julian Gertner
Dr Alexandra Getz
Dr Jon Goldin
Dr Vivienne Gould
Dr Jill Graham
Dr Sheva Habel
Dr Jane Hoddes
Dr Laurence Hommel
Dr Joanna Ish-Horowicz
Dr Ally Jaffe
Dr Michael Jan Wise
Dr Amy Jebreel
Dr Michelle Jacobs

Dr Suzanne Joels
Dr Nadji Kahtan
Dr Tamar Koch
Dr Laura Korb
Dr James Kustow
Dr Rachel Landau
Dr Amelia Leigh
Dr Jona Lewin
Prof Liz Lightstone
Dr Jacqueline Marshall
Dr Jeremy Marshall
Dr C Nonoo-Cohen
Dr Jonathan Ornstein
Dr L Racussen

Dr Ivana Rosenzweig
Dr Abigail Roston
Dr Esther Sabel
Dr Adam Schogger
Dr Emma Shall
Dr Fiona Sim
Dr Peter Simmons
Dr Abigail Swerdlow
Dr Fiona Taylor
Dr Nadia Taylor
Dr Judith Tobin
Dr Nora Turjanski
Dr Malcolm Wiseman