Young Jami Launch Event

On Thursday 22 June, ‘Young Jami’, hosted their launch event at the Light House in Shoreditch for 150 young professionals.  The committee, chaired by Gabi Mendelsohn, is made up of 11 members in their early 20’s to 30’s who are all passionate about mental health and want to raise awareness amongst young adults.

The event was called ‘Lights On’ and the theme was ‘bringing light to mental health’. The committee’s mission is to shine a light on mental health, a subject that is often left in the dark and not openly spoken about.

Gabi Mendelsohn welcomed guests “We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health and our mental health, like our physical health doesn’t always stay the same.  Mental illness, just like physical illness, can affect anyone. We all know someone, or personally may be struggling with a mental illness – it is definitely an issue that affects us all.”

Guest speaker Luciana Berger MP, Labour’s expert and campaigner on mental health, spoke about how “we need to shift the emphasis from dealing with crises, to prevention of mental ill health and promotion of good mental health. This would mean faster access to talking therapy, more support from employers, and a more open attitude towards mental illness in society and the Jewish community.”

Simone Saidel, Peer Support Worker at Jami spoke about how she provides support for those experiencing mental ill health. “My role at Jami is to work with people, not for them, supporting them during their recovery journey. The rapport and trust I have built with those I work with and the change I have seen in many, has really proved how effective peer support work can be.”

Fantastic raffle prizes were generously donated, including a 2-night stay at St Anne’s Manor, a Jimmy Choo purse and necklace, restaurant vouchers and personal training sessions and a sports blender.

Guests left with a better understanding of mental health and a strong commitment to helping Young Jami raise awareness and vital funds that will help transform the landscape of mental health.