Rosh Hashanah
appeal 2018

Labels are for jars. Not people.
Please help us remove them.

Mark lives with severe anxiety, making it difficult for him to communicate or focus on simple tasks.

Jami supported Mark to build his confidence and set himself small personal goals. Mark started volunteering at the Jami warehouse, learning new skills and putting structure back into his day. Mark then felt ready to get back into paid employment, so Jami helped with his CV, interview preparation and found him a job which he very much enjoys.

Sara has Bipolar Affective Disorder and due to her fluctuating moods was often unable to manage day to day responsibilities.

A Jami Occupational Therapist worked with Sara to identify her needs, hobbies and interests and supported her to develop a meaningful weekly structure. Sara now attends and volunteers at a weekly community craft group and is able to budget her finances and look after herself at home.

Due to Harry having Schizophrenia he hears voices and has always felt anxious about not being accepted.

Jami’s hub coordinator suggested Harry come to a weekly group. At the first group he only stayed for 10 minutes. Each week he would stay a little longer and now he attends 3 groups on a weekly basis and socialises with new friends over a hot meal at lunch time.

Samantha has depression. She became isolated, sitting home alone for days.

Jami paired Samantha up with Ruth, a befriender who visits Samantha fortnightly. They meet for coffee, watch a film, or go shopping. Samantha looks forward to their meetings which make her feel less alone, gives her someone to talk to and fun activities to enjoy. Samantha now has the confidence to go to the local shops independently.

can pay for attendance at an education seminar on managing anxiety and depression
can fund a case worker to conduct an initial one-to-one assessment session
can help groups of patients in hospital during Yom Tovim to celebrate with traditional food and services
can fund a month of peer support led sessions at one of our hubs aimed at inspiring a sense of hope and recovery for someone like Harry
can fund eight sessions with an Occupational Therapist to help someone like Sara manage her daily life
can train a group of people in Mental Health First Aid
Your support at this time of year will make a positive difference – Thank You.