Befriending helps people recovering to take the first steps towards meeting new people, re-discovering old hobbies and developing new interests. 15 pairs meet up regularly.


One to one support, support groups during the day or evening plus information and guidance. To refer to our Carers and Family support service, please click here.

Employment and Vocational Initiatives

Maintaining employment or returning to work, volunteering or training can be a key part of the recovery process. Providing meaningful activity is vital to re-establish a sense of purpose, routine and self-esteem. Our Employment Initiative is very person-centred and recovery-focused, we work with people seeking voluntary work, part-time employment on minimum wage through to industry professionals returning to work.

Hospital Visiting

This service offers vital support to patients on mental health wards and in residential care across London. In 2016 our Hospital visiting staff and volunteers made over 700 visits to dozens of wards. Our hospital visitors are trained volunteers with expertise in Mental Health who are familiar with the ward environment.

Independent Living

Our team enable people to learn various independent living skills – such as washing/cleaning, cooking and budgeting. We provide housing and tenancy maintenance support.

Peer Support

Support from people with lived experience of mental illness who use their experience of recovery in a way that inspires hope in others. Jami recruited its first peer support worker in 2013 and now has peer support in services across the organisation. In total 306 people have had contact with a peer support worker equating to 5727 separate contacts. These contacts vary in type, i.e. 1:1 session, groups.

Physical Fitness

We recognise the vital link between physical and mental health. Sessions on stress management, diet and maintaining physical health and wellbeing are available at all centres.

Recovery Education

These programmes are run for community organisations and individuals and aim to increase peoples’ mental health literacy and provide support. We run a variety of interactive workshops within schools to raise awareness about key issues concerning Mental Health.

Occupational therapist

Occupational therapists provide practical support to empower people to facilitate their mental health recovery and overcome barriers preventing them from doing the activities (or occupations) that matter to them. This support increases people’s independence and satisfaction in all aspects of life.

They will:

  • Help people improve their self-care, e.g. by supporting them to learn how to use washing machines or to cook for themselves
  • Help people manage their money by learning budgeting skills and how to use banks
  • Support people to live independently by providing systems to assist in dealing with, for example, mail and bills or negotiating with neighbours
  • Work with people to identify and improve work skills, apply for jobs and stay in employment
  • Help people to access and use mainstream leisure activities
  • Provide advice on how much assistance a person may need to live independently in the long-term

Social worker

Jami social workers work alongside other health and social care professionals across voluntary and statutory services. We help to promote and protect the rights of individuals who may be at risk of neglect or abuse, working with some of the most vulnerable members of our community that are unable to support or safeguard themselves.

We will advocate on behalf of, and work with, clients to promote their legal and human rights. We support clients to access services to help meet their needs and empower individuals and families to make their life choices, promote their well being and live independently.

We support people to formulate care plans, help co-ordinate care plans and help clients access the care and support appropriate to their needs. We offer educational opportunities for social work students and offer them opportunities to work at Jami and develop their social work skills in conjunction with Middlesex University.