Jami is the mental health service for the Jewish community. Statistics show that one in four British adults will experience a diagnosable mental health problem each year. Mental health affects everyone. Jami is here to address those needs and now helps over 1,200 people each year.

Jami’s focus is on recovery; moving from lack of control and autonomy to becoming an active member of the Jami, Jewish and wider community, taking responsibility and having control over one’s life. Jami’s challenge is to assist people on this journey, from enabling them to become an expert in their own self-care to being supported, where appropriate, back into employment.

Jami offers support in a number of different areas, including:

Living – Jami helps clients manage their physical and mental health, daily routine and housing needs.

Recovery education – The Head Room team run courses and seminars to help people develop the skills needed for living and working, as well as educating the community about mental health

Social – Jami visits people in hospital, organises befriending for socially isolated individuals and offers peer support from people who have experience of their own mental health recovery. Jami also offers support for carers of people with a mental illness

Work and Living – Jami offers assistance with job searching and advice on how to manage the work-life balance. Jami also runs a social enterprise, offering volunteering and training opportunities

Jami runs its services in four areas across London, and is based at four different localities (although the services don’t necessarily run from these centres).