The way in which we tell the world about Jami, the wonderful work that we do, as well as helping people affected by mental health issues, is by using films, photographs and recordings of people with lived experience or other interest in mental health. We are grateful for your contribution to our work.

Please confirm that you give permission for us to use material/image (film/photograph/case study/artwork/poetry etc) of you/your child/person in your care, in any of the below examples of usage. Photos, films or recordings will only be used in a positive and appropriate context.

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If you are under 18, your parent/guardian should also sign the form

* This is the person who appears in the photography/case study or who has submitted his/her artwork/poetry etc. This form can be used for several members of one family.

** All references to Jami in this form include a reference to any successor of Jami.