Tackling Mental Illness HEAD ON: A Panel Discussion

To mark Head On, The Mental Health Awareness Shabbat, JW3 together with Jami held a panel discussion on key life transitions and the impact these can have on mental health.

Attended by over 100 people and chaired by  Paul Stein, Director of Fundraising at research charity MQ: Transforming Mental Health, our panelists answered questions on how we can enhance mental wellbeing in our congregations in the future; the challenges of major life transitions from students through to later life; how to support young people through life transitions; and the Jewish experience of mental illness and how our heritage and upbringing my influence mental health in later life.

Our panel of experts included Nathan Servi from Streetwise, delivering wellbeing activities in 40 Jewish primary schools; Abbie Mitchell, Mental Health Campaigner and Peer Mentoring Manager at Fitzrovia Youth in Action; Rebecca Corney, Counselling Psychologist and member of Jami Clinical Governance group; Rabbi Rebecca Birk, Finchley Progressive Synagogue; and Laurie Rackind, Chief Executive of Jami.

@rackind “With mental illness we are where we were with cancer 30 years ago; when it was the “c” word and people would change the subject as soon it was mentioned. The (Jewish) community needs to have the language & confidence to discuss mental illness.”
@StreetwiseGB “Young people are incredibly aware of mental health but may not understand how best to support each other and want more tools to help.”
@JacsGud “Such an engaging & stimulating discussion tonight with the aim of addressing ongoing challenges in mental health. Never has a panel made me feel so sad, thoughtful, hopeful & thankful to Jami for the wonderful support they’ve given me too.”