Head Room Social Enterprise

The aim of Jami’s social enterprise projects are to create opportunities for service users to make a meaningful and valuable contribution to the local community by providing useful and necessary services and to work to reduce stigma and prejudice by helping people understand the issues associated with poor mental health and dispelling the myths surrounding it.

Our social enterprise projects will also create a vital sustainable income stream for Jami, contributing towards the services we offer and enabling us to invest in further projects to support people on their journeys to recovery.

This is all achieved by drawing on and enhancing the skills and experience of Jami’s staff. Complimenting Jami’s Employment Project, the paid and voluntary staff of Jami’s social enterprise have lived experience of mental health issues with many working under the government’s permitted, supported working scheme. Training and support is given in order to foster and maintain a true sense of purpose and meaning to every role. With renewed confidence, social and technical skills, opportunities for career progression and diversification are sought and encouraged to help people move forward along their winding road to recovery.