Head Room in schools

Head Room provides a programme of mental health awareness including Stress Management, Moving On from 6th Form to University and Mental Health First Aid to students and staff.

We believe that educating young people about how they can look after their mental health is at the core of preventing mental health problems in the future.

We provide support for PSHE and Kvutzah programmes in schools from Year 6 – 13 through our programme of mental health awareness sessions specially devised and road tested for young people.

Examples of lessons we provide:

  • Managing Your Stress Better
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Training for Peer Mentors and Peer Listeners
  • Moving on from 6th Form to University

We also train 6th Formers to become Mental Health First Aiders and lead Mental Health Awareness sessions with their peers.

We provide training for secondary school staff in Mental Health First Aid Schools and provide  Primary school staff with Understanding Attachment Theory Applications for the Classroom.

With a member of our team now based at JCoSS we believe in making a commitment to young people and educating them to become more resilient and ensure happier futures.

For more information about our work in schools contact us.

Youth Movements

The Jami Head Room Education and Awareness team offer a range of workshops and training for young people and youth workers.

When we take responsibility for young people in our care, whether on a residential camp or during weekly activities, it is important that we care for both their physical and mental health.

With an increasing number of young people being affected by mental health problems and many more finding it a challenge to maintain their wellbeing, there is more we can do to support them.

Jami’s interactive workshop for youth workers: Mental Health Awareness on Camp provides key information on mental health as something that impacts us all and can change over time.

During the session we will explore how we can boost our own mental health and that of the young people in our care within a youth work setting. This includes thinking about self-care on camp and maintaining our own boundaries as youth workers.

If you would like to learn to support young people’s mental health contact Jami about a Youth Mental Health First Aid course.

Jami has been working with youth organisations from across the Jewish youth spectrum to create the Wellbeing Youth Pack. This pack will contain key messaging and top tips for working with young people, particularly in a residential camp setting.

The idea for this pack came from numerous conversations with youth workers who wanted further guidance on making camp the best experience possible for a young person alongside activity ideas for exploring the topic of mental health as a social issue.

Download your copy of our Wellbeing for Youth Pack here.

We also provide a range of workshops and sessions for young people, whether in a school or youth group setting.

Our workshops cover topics including Mental Health Awareness which provides key messaging about mental health and how we can look after it better, Stress Management which explores stress and how we can manage it better and our Transition Workshop for 6th formers to help manage the move from school to university or gap years. Full information on all of these course can be found here.