The symptoms of mental illness impacts our daily routines and interactions with other people so significantly that we withdraw from social contact, spending more and more time on our own. This can make us lonely, increase our anxiety and lower self-esteem. Relationships struggle as we may stop seeing friends and loved ones and avoid going to work or school.

This can eventually lead to losing the social skills and ability to communicate, that many take for granted.

To combat social isolation it is important that people are offered opportunities to feel connected with others and with their local communities. Jami’s hospital visitors ensure that even though people may be admitted to a mental health unit they are still connected to the Jewish community, and through Jami, have connections to continue their recovery once discharged.

Jami’s befriending programme pairs individuals with trained volunteers helping them take the first steps towards rediscovering old hobbies, connecting with their local communities and developing new interests.

Our four community hubs across London offer access to our changing monthly programme of activities, group support and relief from social isolation.

Independent living enables people to re-learn key skills following an episode of poor mental health – such as washing and cleaning, cooking and budgeting. We also provide tenancy maintenance support and advice.

Hear from Richard in conversation with Nivi, about how Jami’s Hub support has changed their lives.