How Jami helps - Living

Jami’s social workers and occupational therapists support people to recover and maintain their independence. Jami’s peer support workers use their own lived experience of mental ill health to reinforce this message, offering hope and social inclusion.

With support it is possible for people to live the lives they want to live despite their mental health symptoms.

Jami aims to;

  • Empower people, helping them to think of creative ways they can take control
  • Support people to identify what is important to them, whether it’s returning to work or study, running a household, learning new skills or meeting up with friends.
  • Support people to set up daily routines and structures that have meaning to them.
Caring for someone with a mental illness can also cause disruption to daily life so we offer a carers service providing support, information and sign posting, enabling carers to manage their own daily lives and routines.

Independent Living

There are many reasons why people may struggle to live independently following an episode of poor mental health. Some people may be living on their own for the first time and haven’t learnt the skills necessary to manage alone. Others may have been in hospital and lack the confidence to manage independently. Independent living can be challenging so Jami offers 18 month tenancies in 3 flats  in Finchley  providing a safe place to live as people learn the skills necessary to maintain a tenancy. After 18 months it’s hoped that people are able to move into permanent housing possibly through a housing association.
“This is the first time in 10 years I have ever received support for myself as my daughter’s carer.”
Other ways Jami can offer support: