How Jami helps

Mental illness affects 1 in 4 people. Jami is the Jewish community’s mental health service and understands that everyone’s experience of mental illness is different.

We focus on recovery, supporting people across the Jewish community.

Through education we also build awareness, increase understanding and put an end to stigma and discrimination.

In mental health, recovery doesn’t always refer to the process of complete recovery in the way we may recover from a physical health problem. For many people the concept of a mental health recovery is about staying in control of their lives rather than making a symptom free, clinical recovery. Putting recovery into action means focussing on supporting people to build emotional resilience, not just treating and managing their symptoms. There is no single definition of the concept of recovery for people with mental health problems but the guiding principle is hope – the belief that it is possible for someone to regain a meaningful life despite serious mental illness.

Jami offers the following support: