Our team

At Jami we are proud to employ over 50 of the most skilled and dedicated individuals. We are all passionate about what we do and every one of us is responsible for the continued success of Jami.

Senior Management Team

Laurie Rackind – Chief Executive

Tanya Harris – Head of Services

Liz Jessel – Head of Development

Warren Traeger – Head of Social Enterprise

Louise Palmer – Deputy Head of Services

David Levy – Finance & Operations Manager


Douglas Krikler (Chair)

Debra Fox

José Grayson

Raymond Harris (Treasurer)

Dr Suzanne Joels

Alan Lazarus

Robert Shemtob

Neil Taylor

Clinical Governance & Professional Advisory Group

Dr Suzanne Joels (Chair)

Lucille Balcombe

Dr Mark Berelowitz

Dr Ken Bledin

Suzanne Clinton-Davis

Rebecca Corney

Michele Foux

Jose Grayson

Dr Simon Michaelson

Dr Louise Morganstein

Dr Julia Renton

Jennye Seres

Dr Fiona Taylor

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