About Jami

Jami is the mental health service for the Jewish community.

Statistics show that one in four British adults will experience a diagnosable mental health problem each year. Mental health affects everyone. Jami is here to address those needs. It was originally established in 1989, and now helps over 1,200 people each year.

Jami’s focus is on recovery; moving from lack of control and autonomy to becoming an active member of the Jami, Jewish and wider community, taking responsibility and having control over one’s life. Jami’s challenge is to assist people on this journey, from enabling them to become an expert in their own self-care to being supported, where appropriate, back into employment.

Jami’s vision is a Jewish Community which accepts, acknowledges and understands Mental Illness. A community which is resilient and has the capacity and capability to be healthy. A community in which symptoms of mental illness are as recognisable as a heart attack and trigger equally appropriate First Aid response. A community in which Parity of Esteem is a reality and an environment which helps, not hinders, Recovery.

Jami provides practical and emotional support for the mental health needs of the Jewish community – delivering services that enable independence and build resilience through:

  • Community Hubs and Outreach
  • Education and Training
  • Bespoke recovery support plans

98% of our funding comes directly from the generous support of the community

Jami’s Registered Charity number is 1003345. A Company Limited by Guarantee 2618170.

To see Jami’s Annual Report please visit the Charity Commission website here or download our Annual Report Precis here.

Useful resources

Please download our useful resources document which details useful information about mental health services in your community.