Head Room

Events and Courses

Learning is at the heart of Jami’s Head Room.  We provide courses for everyone in the Jewish community.  We run our events at community venues, in the Jami café and in our centres, reaching out and engaging people like you with what we hope will move, inspire and excite.

Our Team

Jami’s professional and experienced team of trainers lead the courses.  Working alongside them are a team of “peer trainers”, people with lived experience who have been trained to co-facilitate with on Recovery courses and Information Seminars.

Recovery at Head Room

We provide recovery education courses where the focus is on bringing people together with lived experience to share and learn new strategies for living.

Our Graduate Programme focusses on providing learning and development opportunities for people considering returning to work or further study.

Get Together

This event brings young people with lived experience and their allies together to look at a variety of contemporary topics impacting on the 18-32 age range.

Information Seminars

We provide information seminars that deal with a range of topics that relate to mental health and emotional wellbeing issues.  These are open to professionals, carers, people with lived experience of mental illness and individuals who are interested in the subject under exploration.

Mind and Body Spa

We run evening courses for people who want to come along for their wellbeing and explore how they can improve the way they cope with stress or other pressures in their lives.

Community Events

We work in partnership with Jewish communities and schools to increase knowledge and understanding around mental health by offering bespoke community education opportunities. Alongside this we take our Head Room programme out into the community to build bridges between Jami and the community and encourage a broad spectrum of people to access our courses.

To see a full list of Head Room events click here.