Volunteers’ Celebration Evening

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The Martin B Cohen Centre buzzed with around 60 people who attended a special volunteers’ celebration evening on 21st November.  Jami’s 160 volunteers have contributed around 12000 hours this year and have made a massive contribution to all areas across all services ranging from the Mitkadem Centre in East London to the warehouse in Borehamwood.

Dinny CharkhamJami is blessed with so many enthusiastic people giving their time as trustees, members of the clinical governance and advisory group, befrienders, hospital visitors, ebay listers, centre helpers in four hubs, as gardeners, pastoral helpers, in finance, fitness, headroom education, employment, social enterprise, as carers’ supporters and receptionists.

Specific courses have been arranged for volunteers following suggestions made during the annual reviews and around  60 of these have been completed.  Jami volunteers were urged to make full use of all the courses offered by Headroom education. Laurie Rackind, Jami’s Chief Executive, paid tribute to the volunteers and said that the organisation could not function without them. He then briefly outlined the future direction of Jami and how it intends to reach out further in its mission to enable both individuals and  organisations to build the  capability and capacity to support the mental health of our community.

IMG_0006A number of volunteers were presented with special awards to thank them for their particular contribution to Jami. The enterprise service nominated David Kibel for his enthusiasm and dedication. Marc Brenner was chosen by the befriending service to thank him for his hard work for Jami. A new award from the catering department recognised the achievements of David Kelion who was also praised for helping set up the celebration evening. Two volunteers were nominated by Finchley’s Elliot Simmons Centre. Firstly Dave Richman who is a vital part of the Tuesday team and secondly Dinny Charkham who does so much to enhance Thursdays at Jami and who was celebrating her birthday that evening.

The carers service also presented an award for the first time with its recent increase in volunteers and Julia Baker was thanked for her time and support. Sharon Aspess is a much appreciated volunteer at Kadimah and Mitkadem and was awarded a certificate from the North East Team . The 2018 pastoral award went to John de Lange who leads Jami’s Finchley Yom Kippur service so beautifully and also devoted many hours to reformatting the festival prayerbooks.  June Raffe was the choice of Jami employment service  for her dedication. June came in for additional hours to prepare someone  who was facing an imminent interview and helped her get the job!

DSC00362 (640x480)Two wonderful volunteers were highlighted by Edgware’s Martin B Cohen Centre: Zvia Klier, who works so hard to help service users enjoy their art and Keira McNamara who is  highly regarded and valued. Finally on the occasion of his 90th birthday Ralph Levy, a volunteer at the Borehamwood warehouse, received a rousing “Happy birthday” with accompanying cake and candles. “It’s never too late  to volunteer” was his special award.

Thanks go to Priscilla van de Velde for her sumptuous catering and organisational brilliance, to  Jacqui Alpern, Ameana and Angel on the front door and last but not least to magnificent volunteers Alyson Torns and David Kelion.